About me

My name is Philip Massie. I am a data scientist, trained in conservation biology, marine biology and oceanography. I worked for many years in the IT industry in web development, client and server side, and have a good working knowledge of various server architecture stacks. I am currently working as part of a great data science team in the financial services sector.

I am driven to find areas where data can serve the greater good, or tell stories about our environment. For instance the intersection between wildlife and humans, or the intersections and usually unfair differences between different groups of humans. Unfortunately, working doesn’t allow too much time for me to explore these ideas, but not that I have revived my blog, I hope to put together a few posts about ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while. Let’s see if that materialises.

I am also really interested in and enjoy photography. I am by no means a professional or an artist, but I take great pleasure in the process of making pictures. I have experienced, as most people have, the powerful impact that photographs can have in telling stories about subjects like inequality, and would like to be better at seeing and making these sorts of pictures.

I also love the outdoors and an a bit of a bird nerd. I find birds beautiful and fascinating and love looking at them and trying (and usually failing) to photograph them. I strive to be a good naturalist, but have a mighty long way to go :)

You can contact me at philmassie@webafrica.org.za